Monday, July 30, 2007

My Favorite movies

The Movies that touched me:

1. Anand (Hindi)
2. Anbe Sivam (Tamil)
3. Mahanadhi (Tamil)
4. Aa Naluguru (Telugu)
5. Varumaiyin Niram Sivappu (Tamil)
6. Kudumbam Oru Kadambam (Tamil)
7. Thanneer Thanneer (Tamil)
8. Unnal Mudiyum Thambi (Tamil)
9. Titanic (English)
10. Blood Diamond (English)
11. Swades (Hindi)
12. Anandam (Tamil)

13. Thavamai Thavamirundhu (Tamil)
14. Black (Hindi)
15. Sethu (Tamil)

The Movies that I liked very much:

1. Sabash Meena (Tamil)
2. Maaya Bazaar (Tamil)
3. Alibabavum Naarpadhu Thirudargalum (Tamil)
4. Neer Kumizhi (Tamil)
5. Edhir Neechal (Tamil)
6. Bhama Vijayam (Tamil)
7. Thiruvilayadal (Tamil)
8. Thillu Mullu (Tamil) or Golmaal (Hindi)
9. Aanpaavam (Tamil)
10. Kanavane Kankanda Deivam (Tamil)
11. Manal Kayiru (Tamil)
12. Paruthi Veeran (Tamil)
13. Sholay (Hindi)
14. Inru Poi Naalai Vaa (Tamil)
15. Okkadu (Telugu)
16. Arya (Telugu)
17. Amma Naana Okka Tamil Ammai (Telugu)
18. Bommarillu (Telugu)
19. Pithamagan (Tamil)
20. Pesum Padam (Tamil)

21. Boologha Rambai (Tamil)
22. Autograph (Tamil)
23. Ramana (Tamil)
24. Vaanathai Pola (Tamil)
25. Thenali (Tamil)
26. Avvai Shanmughi (Tamil)
27. Moondram Pirai (Tamil)
28. Kaadalikka Neramillai (Tamil)
29. Mannan (Tamil)
30. Kannathil Muthamittal (Tamil)
31. Simla Special (Tamil)
32. Vedam Pudhidhu (Tamil)
33. Nadigan (Tamil)

Kreedom - Movie Review

Cast: Ajith, Trisha, Raj Kiran, Vivek, Saranya, Haneefa, Santhanam, Ajay Kumar
Direction: AL Vijay
Music: GV. Prakash
Production: Suresh Balaji

Kreedom (to some extent) can help Ajith retain his Stardom

Kreedom is not a typical Ajith film as he is not a larger-than-life hero in this movie. This movie is about a father who dreams of making his son a Sub-Inspector before he retires as a head-constable. The father character is excellently played by Raj Kiran with Ajith as his son. It's a usual story with a different climax which may not be liked by Ajith fans. But as far as I've read, it seems that Ajith fans are happy with the movie.

This movie is said to be a remake of the Mohanlal's Malayalam film which came in the 80's with the same title. Mohanlal has got a special jury national award for this movie. Though I haven't seen this original movie, I guess it would have been much better than the tamil Kreedom. Though Ajith has performed well in this movie it may not be an award winning performance and not his best too as compared to Dheena or Valee.

Raj Kiran is a sincere head-constable in Tiruchi who lives with his wife (Saranya), two daughter's and two son's elder being Ajith. Vivek is his son-in-law who is jobless and stays in his house. Raj Kiran wants to see his son as a Sub-Inspector before he retires from work. Ajith plays an obedient son who works hard to fulfill his father's dream. Trisha comes as a colleage girl and plays Ajith's love interest in this movie. The movie goes on like this in the first half as Ajith clears the SI exam and goes for the interview. Meanwhile, Raj Kiran hits a MLAs son in an untoward incident because of which he gets transfered to a village called Kodiakkarai which is ruled by a local Rowdy (played by Ajay). Now you would have guessed what would have happened next? Yes, the story goes in that usual way as you guessed. As Ajith is waiting for his SI posting after having cleared the interview he gets into trouble by beating the Villian to save his father in a Market incident. This changes Ajith's life as the Villian wants to take revenge on Ajith and create problems for him. Now whether Raj Kiran's dream came true and if Ajith has become a Sub-Inspector forms the rest of the story.

Ajith has enacted his role well as a obedient son. The way he expresses his love to Trisha is interesting. He has got two introduction scene's in this movie, one of which is a dream of Raj Kiran in which he comes as a SI and bash up the goondas and the second one is the actual introduction where he meets Trisha. Both were not impressive and concept of stealing the idol of Ganesh from Trisha's house is not convincing.

Raj Kiran has lived up to the expectation. Saranya has done a great job as a mother. Raj Kiran and Saranya are going to be the most sought after Father and Mother in South Indian Cinema (as Raj Kiran has already grabbed a role in a Telugu movie). Trisha looks good and has justified her role. She does a bit of comedy too. Vivek fails to impress after giving a good performance in Sivaji. I would say 'Lollu Sabha' Santhanam outdid Vivek in this movie though he comes only in a few scenes. GV Prakash's music is not so impressive as compared to his 'Veyil'.

On the whole, I would say Kreedom would be a moderate hit. As I was about to publish this review, I read a news that the veteran actor/producer Balaji (who's son is the producer for this movie) has announced that the Kreedom's climax would be modified according to people wish and reviews. All theatres screening Kreedom would have a different climax starting from today. And this is a good news. In case you don't know, Balaji has produced many movies with negative climax like Thee, Vazhve Maayam etc.

Friday, July 27, 2007

முதல் பதிவு

என் முதல் பதிவாக என்ன போடலாம்னு ரொம்ப யோசிச்சேன், எதுவும் தோனல. சரி, நாம எத ஆரம்பிக்கறதா இருந்தாலும் ஒரு பிள்ளயார் சுழி போட்டு தான் ஆரமி்ப்போம். அது மாதிரி நானும் திருக்குறலோட என் பதிவை தொடங்கறேன். எனக்கு தெரிந்த ஏதோ சில குரள்கலில் இந்த குரளும் ஒன்னு. முதல் பதிவுன்றதனால தமி்ழ்லயே...

அன்பிலார் எல்லாம் தமக்குரியர் அன்புடையார்
என்பும் உரியர் பிறர்க்கு.

பொருள்: அன்பு இல்லாதவர் எல்லாம் தமக்கே என உரிமை கொண்டாடுவர்; அன்பு உடையவரோ தம் உடல், பொருள்.ஆவிஆகிய அனைத்தும் பிறருக்கென எண்ணிவிடுவர்